• Purpose

    • Improve process efficiency and legal compliance
    • Analyze workforce requirements and design an organizational structure that meets business objectives.
    • Lower employee turnover in organizations that have enterprise-wide visibility into workforce availability and gaps.
    • Ensure data access and transaction processing with a high degree of consistency, flexibility, and integration
    • Planning and administration of financial, project, and employee information.



    • Gain Organizational Insight for Workforce Optimization
    • HR professionals and managers obtain access to an accurate, real-time view of the current organizational structure that allows them to determine requirements and structure the organization for optimal business results
    • Ability to analyze workforce data as well as design, implement, and monitor workforce optimization strategies
    • Direct automated processes to the correct approvers, ensuring efficient and compliant HR processes
    • Faster navigation and data entry, with access to information within a few clicks, and enhanced search and productivity features
    • User interface enables cost-effective creation and deployment of HR process applications
  • Purpose

    • Set up a standard HR administration system across the enterprise and the globe, with country-specific localization on a common platform to streamline HR processes and the system landscape
    • Integrate HR processes with other business areas on a single, global platform.
    • Manage benefits processes, storing information on employees by date and time in localized formats and languages
    • Enable decision makers can use HR analytics to target specific workforce information and gain clarity for optimal decision making.



    • A global, integrated platform that supports more than 50 countries.
    • Maintain comprehensive employee data in relevant localized formats and languages improving speed and process accuracy, as well as facilitating legal compliance.
    • Create and deploy automated HR processes integrated with other business areas
    • Availability of standard reports to support workforce and satisfy legal compliance needs.
    • IT landscapes simplification reduces the number of systems, software packages, and interfaces required. This reduces infrastructure costs and results in improved data quality and ROI.
    • Obtain access to tools to integrate and deploy automated HR processes with other HR and non-HR solution areas, such as payroll and finance, offer further economies and data quality advantages.
  • Purpose

    • Capture and manage time data to better understand workforce utilization
    • Enable activity-based time recording for billing and invoicing of projects
    • Record time spent on tasks not related to projects, such as administration and training
    • Connect time sheet recording with core HR and payroll functionality using the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution or SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite in the cloud



    • Reduce workload of HR team members with self-reported time sheet data
    • Improve legal compliance through transparent, readily captured time sheet data that can be shared with billing and invoicing processes
    • Enhance insight into the activities of all workers, including employees and the contingent workforce, with shared database views
  • Purpose

    • Increase efficiency, reduces payroll operating costs, and improves employee satisfaction and legal compliance.



    • Handle complex payroll processes in compliance with current legal regulations in 51 countries while country-specific, predefined reports help businesses address various legal and compliance issues.
    • Supports multiple currencies and languages,
    • Conduct payroll tasks using employee administration and benefits management data from a single source of information that is consistent across all countries
    • Conduct all types of payroll-related employee and employer tax calculation and tax
    • reporting while also enable employees to view their pay slips on a mobile device and to receive wage and tax statements electronically
    • Significantly reduces payroll processing time. Information flows from employee administration, benefits management, and time management processes, and payroll data is immediately available in finance solutions.
    • Support finance departments with tax and garnishment remittance, month-end accruals, a general ledger interface, and third-party remittance tools
    • Comprehensive tax-reporting support across 51 countries, and timely updates on regulatory changes, enable companies to be legally compliant according to the latest government requirements