SAP Human Capital Management and SAP Workforce Performance Management

When your workforce is your most important asset, managing it becomes one of your most important jobs. The single factor that most limits your growth is the availability of your human asset pool. Engineering, construction and operations firms are redoubling their efforts to entice a new generation into the industry, but meanwhile the recognized shortage of high quality project managers and engineers compounds the ongoing challenges of managing a dispersed workforce of professional labor, craft labor and on-site production crew. SAP for EC&O provides the tools needed to attract, recognize, reward and retain your workforce and deploy scarce subject matter expert and manage talent more effectively. Now you can:

  • Position your firm to attract talent into the profession as a highly compelling, qualified career option
  • Manage and apply resources based on a detailed and accurate skills inventory
  • Recognize your most in-demand skill sets and address pending shortages in advance
  • Support knowledge transfer that enables your staff to master new skills sets and develop expertise
  • Assemble virtual project management teams to distribute finite resource across multiple, complex projects
  • Access a comprehensive career lifecycle solution