Build on your win rate without sacrificing profits

A revolution in procurement is making bid management one of the most sought-after skills in your industry as clients develop an increasingly formal, defined and auditable approach to procuring contracts. As project owners attempt to shift risk onto their contractors, the demand for penalties and liquidated damage clauses is rising. And there’s always the risk of bidding too high and losing an opportunity, or under-cutting the competition and eating into profits.

With SAP® for EC&O, you can confidently approach the bidding cycle from initial request for proposal through to estimate, bid completion, tender submission and project award, by being able to:

  • Gain complete visibility into the performance of your current portfolio to assess how much risk you’re equipped to take on for each new project
  • Access historical performance to help you prepare new bids accurately and match current opportunities with past projects
  • Accurately forecast the availability of employees and equipment
  • Reduce billing cycles in order to maintain cash flow