Put Finance on a firmer footing

Inadequate financial control and management is a contributory factor to the higher-than-average rate of insolvencies within the construction sector, especially when unforeseen cost overruns are allowed to erode already slim margins. Rigorous cash flow monitoring and the ability to keep a tight rein on project costs are critical to keeping your company operationally sustainable and financially healthy. SAP® for EC&O is designed to support integrated reporting for all types of cost – planned, committed, actual and forecast – across your entire project portfolio, enabling you to:

  • Be proactively notified of potential issues by exception alerts
  • Accurately forecast cash flow across your entire portfolio and evaluate actual cash position against forecast
  • Generate milestone-based billings to support staged payments and reduce capital requirements
  • Continuously measure the financial performance of work in progress and review each project’s current and projected impact on the P&L
  • Provide stakeholders with on-time and in-context information on how their actions impact performance
  • Master financial management activities including budgeting, planning and consolidation, and profitability optimization