Reinforce the procurement processes

According to a recent industry studies, good procurement was deemed synonymous with a successful project by nine out of ten construction firms. Poor procurement practices were believed to have directly contributed to project schedule and cost over-runs, with a lack of communication (50%), evolving client requirements (46%) and issues over responsibility (34%) cited as the primary causes. SAP can embed greater structure and efficient processes that eliminate maverick buying and reduce administrative effort, errors and costs to accelerate procurement cycles. SAP® for EC&O provides the visibility you need to gain greater control over material procurement, evaluate potential subcontractors or joint venture partners and quotations, make informed decisions about multiple sourcing options, automate order processing and invoice management, and optimize deliveries. It enables:

  • Greater flexibility for capturing, sharing and enhancing sourcing knowledge
  • Increased ability to manage compliance of suppliers, business units, approvers and individual buyers
  • Automation of routine subcontractor activities, performance management and payments, allowing increased focus on value-added tasks
  • Data interchange with suppliers’ procurement systems for speed and transparency
  • Quicker turnaround of expedited purchases
  • Online payment of suppliers and aggregated buying terms
  • Elimination of manual, error-prone processes
  • Management of subcontractor bids