The SAP® Business Analytics content was built with customer and partner validation in order to capture the needs of the customer and to address those needs with leading industry knowledge and best practices.
A key point to keep in mind is that SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence Solutions are not about offering new software, but rather offering our software with valuable industry specific content that emphasizes the capabilities of the packaged software and delivers it to the customer in a way that allows them to achieve value with limited risk and a low total cost of ownership. The SAP® BusinessObjects™ Enterprise Risk and Solvency Management for Insurance solution is designed to meet Solvency II regulatory requirements and builds a core foundation for overall enterprise risk management to mitigate all types of risks. The solution provides flexible analytics for reporting and deeper analysis of issues and can be configured based on corporate business rules to ensure alignment with strategic objectives and tactical goals.


  • AMS can provide single version of the truth with the use of Data Integration tools that gather information from all your Operational systems.
  • To accelerate development AMS provides content in the following areas:
  • Analysis of Gross Premium
  • Claim Payment Analysis
  • Earned/Unearned Premium Analysis
  • Claim Triangulation by Development year/Quarter
  • Fees and Commissions Comparative Analysis
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Financial Analysis with Industry specific KPIs