Demand & Supply Planning
  • Improve service levels while reducing stock and lowering capital investment across supply chain networks
  • Improve quality forecasts
  • Optimize transportation capacity to reduce costs and increase customer retention
Procure-to-pay management
  • Bundle purchases to maximize purchasing power and improve profit margins
  • Manage contractual agreement to optimize quantities ordered and reduce costs of goods sold
  • Time orders to take advantage of price changes and limited offers from suppliers
  • Manage the rebate process efficiently and accurately
Supply Chain Execution
  • Manage and Allocate warehouse tasks to avoid resource bottlenecks
  • Support Direct Store Delivery
  • Help ensure compliance with regulations
  • Support a variety of trading practices
Order-to cash management
  • Streamline processes to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • Optimize processing of back-to-back orders and act as a broker of products and services
  • Support direct price agreements between suppliers and customers and the subsequent settlement of price differences
  • Manage chargeback and commission processes efficiently and accurately
Financial Management & Analytics
  • Manage general and industry- specific processes in finance, human capital, operations support and corporate services
  • Develop insight and visibility with business intelligence and analytics functionality
Integration of information, people & processes
  • Operate with a uniform technical architecture and solution platform
  • Create a flexible IT infrastructure encompassing SAP® and non- SAP® software solutions
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure and reduce total cost of ownership