SAP Biller Direct

  • Support the process of presenting invoices and bills and processing them electronically over the Internet.
  • Integration of this feature with the SAP Dispute Management application allows your customers to create and display billing dispute cases from within the SAP Biller Direct application
  • Present information about customer accounts using the Internet and offer your customers the following capabilities:

- view and paybillsontheInternet

- create inquiries and complaints that you can reply to resolve online

- maintain address,credit card and bank information

- confirm a balance on the Internet  to create payment advice notes and to display monthly balances and line items

SAP Credit Management,SAP Dispute Management and SAP Collections Management

  • Determine the risk of losses on accounts receivable from business partners as early as possible and make more effective credit decisions
  • Manage receivables in SAP Collections Management by tracing and collecting outstanding receivables
  • Access data to monitor customer accounts
  • Contact customers and notify them about outstanding receivables.
  • Processing disputes related to receivables.
  • Supplement logistics process chain (purchase order ➝ delivery ➝ invoice* payment) between invoice and payment if discrepancies with your customer arise.

 Key  functions

  • Checking the credit of a business partner at the time of sales order entry and blocking a sales order due to the existence of a past-due item
  • Using information in SAP Collections Management
  • Review a customer’s open-item status and recording customer contact
  • Creating a dispute case in SAP Dispute Management to document and resolve a customer complaint regarding an outstanding receivable

SAP In-House Cash

  • Optimize cash flow within wholesale enterprises by centralizing payments within a group of subsidiaries
  • Incoming and outgoing payments with external entities are processed through the in-house cash center of the parent company.
  • Manage all payments between company units and thus keeps cash resources within the group and optimizes their application