• Supports the entire process chain for a typical sales process with a customer.
  • Encompasses all steps involved in creating an order, creating a delivery based upon a quotation, and billing

Process steps

1.     Customer credit check

2.     Handling of blocked sales documents

3.     Availability check

4.     Product Allocation ordered allocation of production for certain periods, so that a partial quantity can be delivered if insufficient stock is available for further orders.

5.     Manual entering of service charges in the sales order, depending upon quantity of goods ordered.

6.     Creation of Delivery- goods are picked, kitted, packed, and shipped

7.     Posting of goods issue

8.     Creation of Invoice and release in financial accounting

9.     Posting of customer payment and clearing of accounts receivable


Sales Support with Dynamic Product Proposal

Process steps

1.     Sales inquiry captured in a sales activity document in sales support inquiry results in a sale, and the best practice shows how to link the initial sales activity to a sales document created in subsequent order processing

2.     Demonstration of dynamic product proposals, material substitutions, free goods, and material exclusions in order creation

3.     Delivery processing

4.     Billing

5.     Payment Processing

Third Party with Shipping Notification

Process Steps

1.     Supports transferring a customer order to a third-party vendor

2.     vendor ships the goods directly to the customer, bills you, and sends you a shipping notification.

3.     Shipping notification entered as dummy goods receipt

4.     Possible to create the customer invoice before receiving vendor’s invoice

Third Party without shipping notification

Process Steps

1.     Supports transferring a customer order to a third-party vendor,

2.     Vendor ships the goods directly to the customer

3.     Vendor bills your company

4.     No shipping notification sent

5.     Vendor invoice updates the billing quantity,

6.     customer-billing document can be created only after entering the invoice from the vendor

Customer Consignment Processing

Products shipped to the customer are still owned by the company until the customer sells them to a third party

Process Steps

1.     consignment fill-up,

2.     consignment issue,

3.     consignment pickup.

Returns and complaints

  • Support all the activities necessary for reclamation processing.
  • Process focuses on processing credit memos if goods are not returned goods are returned and a quality evaluation is performed in returns processing

Returns Processing

  • Comprise all activities necessary for the shipment of goods with standard packaging-material pallets
  • Alternative to handling-unit management

Cross-Company Sales Order Processing

  • Supports processing of sales orders across company codes.
  • If a customer places an order that the vendor cannot fill, the vendor sends the goods to the customer from a plant that belongs to another company code

Sales Order Processing with Dummy Customer

  • Support you when your sales order processors need to investigate an order without first looking up the customer’s account number.
  • Sales order can be saved, but it remains incomplete until a valid customer account number has been entered
  • useful for companies that take phone orders
  • customer’s account number entered,
  • customer-specific information is transferred from the customer master and other customer-specific records

Sales Order inbound with EDI

  • Exchange of business documents between business partners over EDI, which is typical for order processing
  • The inbound sales order uses the EDI file (PO) from a supplier to create a sales order automatically with EDI.