With SAP® Data Services and SAP® Information Steward Software, you can transform enterprise data into a trusted, relevant, and every ready resource for business insight. Use it to discover, cleanse, and integrate data, whether it’s structured and unstructured from SAP and non-SAP sources, domains, or types.
Empower business users to access and analyze the quality of the data for better decision making. And monitor and govern data quality and understand how it affects enterprise processes and performance.



  • Discover and profile enterprise data resources and assess data quality
  • Cleanse data and engage others in maintaining data quality
  • Integrate data and make it available for real-time analysis


  • Intuitive, role-based interfaces for business and IT users
  • Tools to discover, define, and monitor data quality levels
  • Data quality dashboards and checks to correct data issues at the point of entry
  • Data integration and textual analysis tools for timely insights


  • Turn enterprise data into an ever-ready source of trusted business insight
  • Provide continuous insight about whether data is fit to use
  • Simplify your IT landscape with integrated, enterprise-caliber data management solutions

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