Offer seamless, personalized B2C engagements

Gain new and loyal customers by securely identifying and engaging them and delivering
relevant experiences with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for B2C

Onboard customers quickly with intuitive user registration
» Drive personalized engagements by using social login workflows
» Improve omnichannel strategies with single sign-on, SAML 2.0, and Open ID Connect data federation standards and authentication options
» Bridge data silos and create unified customer profiles to deliver trusted, relevant, and personalized experiences






Optimize B2B value networks

Accelerate time to market, simplify identity lifecycle management, and protect against
risks with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for B2B.

 » Speed onboarding and time-to-value with progressive profiling, self-service registration, single sign-on, and delegated administration
» Reduce costs and IT complexity by managing digital identities, consent, authentication, and authorization from a single platform
» Simplify IT administration with business policy-based access control and organizational access management
» Protect against business and regulatory risks by defending sensitive data and intellectual property with dynamic access control



Build trusted customer and partner relationships

Turn data privacy into a market advantage with secure data governance, build trust, and
protect your business with SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management solutions.

» Use customizable, preconfigured workflows to capture customers’ consent and preferences at each permission-based touchpoint
» Store versioned consent records for up to seven years in our audit-ready vault
» Empower customers to manage their own experiences through customizable, self-service preference centers
» Ensure that consent and preferences are consistently enforced through centralized, simple, and secure data governance and orchestration





Strengthen customer trust in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond

Meet global data privacy requirements and build customer trust by offering transparency and personal data control.

» Maintain proof of how, when, where, and why you collect and process customer data
» Implement a holistic solution for managing customer profiles, preferences, and consent
» Address many of the toughest requirements of consumer data privacy regulations
» Provide transparency into how you collect and use customers’ personal data