Sharpen the focus of marketing using the full context of the customer

Unite experience and operational data across the enterprise to build a single,
comprehensive view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy.

» Remove silos, develop a unified customer profile across the organization, and activate the full value of customer data

» Gain deeper customer insights to understand intent and anticipate customer behavior

Identify hidden trends and discover micro-segments with just a few clicks



Build customer trust and deepen customer relationships using insight and agility

Use consent-based marketing and advanced data analytics to engage customers with pinpoint accuracy, while providing a five-star customer experience.

» Identify and deliver personalized experiences at scale
» Build customer trust through consent-based engagements
» Orchestrate seamless experiences throughout the customer journey





Optimize customer experiences and outcomes to drive revenue

Use real-time business intelligence to enable fast analysis and confident decision-making across the organization, while delighting customers and optimizing marketing performance.

» Understand marketing performance, budget, and ROI with closed-loop measurement
» Plan and manage all marketing activities and campaigns, while collaborating with teams for seamless execution
» Discover and understand performance drivers with advanced data visualization and multi-dimensional analysis





Drive demand and growth for B2B marketing with SAP Marketing Cloud

Empower marketers to successfully generate demand, increase lead conversions, and, ultimately, drive more sales.




» Gain a holistic view of your contacts and accounts by capturing data across the
entire enterprise
» Identify and target customers with account-based marketing across touchpoints
with timely and personalized engagements
» Equip your teams with the right insights to make intelligent decisions