Evaluate and recognize top talent, align your strategies and goals,
and continuously improve workforce performance


Employee goal management

Capture employee efforts, achievements, and comments – all from the convenience ofusing any device, anytime and anywhere




Continuous performance management

Facilitate regular, productive conversations to maximize employee performance

Performance reviews and evaluations

Get better-quality reviews, promote faster user adoption, and increase completion rateswith a simple, engaging experience

Guided action planning

Track improvements with action planning tools to ensure the changes you make drive


Facilitate flexible processes



Create the performance mix that works for your organization


» Take into account your company culture, industry, region, size, and so much more

» Get rid of the one-size-fits-all approach for one that is designed for your unique

» Evolve performance management processes as your needs change and grow





Manage employees more proactively



Reduce administrative headaches by automating compliancetraining experiences

 » Create automated learning assignments based on nearly any criteria and effectivedate

Benefit from certification and document management capabilities

Control the configuration of your e-signature and workflow policy

» Gain visibility into compliance training status and activities